Timber ready for processing

Founded in 1981, The Beck Group is a leading, full service forest products consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. BECK's experienced team of professional consultants offers a wide range of services to a variety of clients in the private, public, tribal, and non-profit sectors.

Through strong customer service and solid technical expertise, BECK provides its clients with timely information and state-of-the-art solutions to navigate the ever-changing financial, environmental and global markets.


While other consulting companies offer stock answers, BECK tailors its approach to meet the individual needs of each client, insuring that the most practical and cost effective solutions will be offered.

We can help you:

  • Accurately assess your firm's competitive position
  • Build an effective long-term strategic plan
  • Plan your new mill and get the most from your investment
  • Help you determine the value of potential acquisitions
  • Improve the performance of your current operation
  • Take advantage of emerging markets and technologies

Our experience and resources

Our Staff has experience in all wood products sectors; we have worked with more than 200 organizations at over 350 locations in North America and around the world. As a consequence, we bring a worldwide perspective with an individual focus.

We have a wide network of contacts throughout the industry, government, trade associations, consultants and suppliers.

We have the most comprehensive database of actual financial and operating performance available in the industry.