BECK Associate

Bill Carlson, Technical Consultant

Mr. Carlson has a background of over thirty five years as a consultant and former senior manager in electric power production and has experience with a wide variety of fuels, technologies and plant sizes.  He has worked with independent power producers, electric utilities and cooperatives, as well as being integrally involved with the deregulation of the electric power industry and the risks and opportunities that restructuring entails.  Mr. Carlson has been a spokesman for the renewable industry generally, and biomass specifically, in a variety of settings, including numerous Congressional testimonies.  For over 25 years, Mr. Carlson has overseen networks of production facilities at the vice presidential level, and he has been involved in numerous business development activities during the last decade.

As the principal of Carlson Small Power Consultants, Mr. Carlson has provided consulting services to over 35 owners/developers of small solid fuel (primarily biomass) power plants. His work has included performing feasibility studies, as well as overseeing business issues such as strategy development, due diligence, used equipment evaluation, utility interconnection, contract negotiation, development activities, permitting, plant improvement, etc. Mr. Carlson has also represented groups of plant owners in the regulatory/legislative arena. Bio energy projects in which Mr. Carlson has participated include:

Snowflake White Mountain Power Snowflake, AZ
24 MW
Rough & Ready LumberCave Junction, OR
1.3 MW
Freres LumberLyons, OR
10 MW
Simpson Timber Tacoma, WA
10 MW
Roseburg Forest Products Weed, CA
10 MW
Seneca Sustainable Energy Eugene, OR
10 MW
F.H. Stoltze Land & LumberColumbia Falls, MT
10 MW
Nippon Paper Industries Port Angeles, WA
10 MW
Eagle Valley Clean EnergyGypsum, CO
10 MW
Agrilectric Power PartnersLake Charles, LA
10 MW

His prior employment includes significant experience working for public and private energy companies in the planning and development of supplementary natural gas supply sources, as well as providing engineering and administrative support for operations and maintenance of coal-fired and hydroelectric power plants.


B.S. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, California Polytechnic State University, (1969)
Graduate Work MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, Montana State University, (1972)
Additional Business Administration and Computer Courses:
         Southern Oregon State College, Columbia Basin College, University of Colorado


Chairman, Biomass Power Producers Alliance
Former Board Member, Independent Energy Producers of California
Board Member, California Biomass Energy Alliance
Former Board Member, Electric Power Supply Association, Washington, D.C.
Member, Joint USDA/DOE Biomass R&D Advisory Board
Member, Western Governors’ Association Biomass Task Force
Member, Advisory Board, College of the Siskiyous Power Generation Technology Program