Maintenance Management

For a plant to achieve and maintain maximum performance it is critical for the processing equipment to operate efficiently, reliably and with a minimum of unscheduled downtime.  To make this happen, management needs to have a well-organized, competent staff and a comprehensive maintenance management program.  BECK can help your firm accomplish this important undertaking by assisting with:

  • A maintenance audit – Experienced BECK staff will evaluate all aspects of your current maintenance program, including:
    • Maintenance organization structure and maintenance management procedures
    • Assess manning levels and skills/capabilities of staff
    • Assess quality of maintenance work done
    • Evaluate the mechanical condition of key machine centers
    • Examine work scheduling procedures
    • Evaluate current preventive and predictive maintenance programs
    • Assess spare parts availability and parts room management
    • Facilitate a critique of mill and maintenance performance through self-evaluation process
    • Identify information systems used to monitor maintenance and overall plant performance
    • Measure key maintenance performance indicators
    • Develop action plan for addressing opportunity areas
  • Implementation of maintenance basics – In some operations major reductions in downtime can be made through implementation of basic planning and organization without computerization. This is often the first step in the installation of a CMMS system.
  • Maintenance goal setting and performance tracking – When reasonable goals for maintenance are established and then tracked, performance improves. Based on our experience with other operations, we can help your staff establish achievable goals and begin measuring improvement.
  • Training of maintenance staff personnel – maintenance lesson training programs. Expanding and strengthening the skills of maintenance personnel is an on-going challenge and opportunity. BECK can help in this area with tools such as proven “One Point” lessons (click to see an example). These lessons are useful, easy to understand lessons that can be covered with maintenance (and operating) staff in just a few moments. While we have an extensive library, custom lessons can be developed.
  • Evaluation and selection of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) – A computerized maintenance management system can be a very effective tool in increasing equipment uptime, reducing costs and improving overall maintenance performance.  There are numerous options/vendors for CMMS programs.  BECK can guide your staff through the identification of needed features, recommending systems to consider and assistance in evaluating and selection appropriate systems.  You don’t have to go it alone.
  • Implementation of CMMS – After the selection of a CMMS program has been made, management has the considerable task of entering needed information into the system.  BECK can help in this area with equipment number schemes, an extensive database of preventive maintenance task descriptions and schedules for common forest products equipment.  We can also work with staff to help them become proficient and comfortable with the system and recognize the benefits of its use.
  • Warehouse and inventory organization – Most companies maintain a significant spare part inventory to have needed parts on hand when needed.  If properly organized and managed, inventory levels and the associated investment required can often be reduced.  BECK can help you determine what makes the most sense for your operation.