BECK Training Workshops

The Beck Group has been offering educational workshops since 2013. Our basic workshops types include:

  • 101 Series – One day workshops exploring the fundamentals of wood products businesses. Ideal for people new to operations, or for those not working inside manufacturing operations (sales, foresters, financial, accounting, related industries).
  • Management Training Series – Three day intensive workshops involving a variety of guest speakers. These workshops are aimed at management track operations employees (supervisors, superintendents, managers).
  • Other – One day workshops focused on a specific topic pertaining to the wood products industry.

Sawmilling 101:  Introduction to Softwood Sawmill Operations and Financial Performance

A one-day Sawmilling 101 workshop is being planned for early 2018. Sponsored by The Beck Group and Western Forestry and Conservation and Association, the workshop will provide an inside look at the manufacturing process, key operating metrics and best practices for North American softwood sawmills.

The workshop will begin with an Overview featuring basic manufacturing processes and a presentation on what metrics a successful sawmill manager pays attention to. Information on Markets and Manufacturing in North America will feature a review of the primary end users of lumber and an overview of each major region in North America (covering population trends, characteristics of mills, regional market drivers and species mix).

The next sessions will feature Key Sawmilling Metrics in Detail: log supply and pricing, lumber recovery, productivity and manufacturing costs, lumber products and sales values, and sawmill byproducts. The day will conclude with a presentation on the Characteristics of Top Performing Sawmill Operations.

This workshop will be offered in conjunction with the Western Forestry and Conservation Association's Mapping the Course.

BECK's February 2017 Sawmill Management Training Workshop in Portland, Oregon was a great success!

The Beck Group's February 2017 Sawmill Manager Training Workshop was very well received. A total of 68 participants gave it great reviews and offered ideas for topics to be included in our future management workshops.

Plywood/Veneer Management Training Workshop ― Inaugural seminar positively received by participants!

The Beck Group hosted their first Plywood/Veneer Management Training Workshop on March 29-31, 2016 at The World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon.  The workshop provided plywood, veneer, and LVL plant managers, supervisors, superintendents, and anyone else interested in engineered wood product manufacturing with valuable information about improving management skills and making operations more successful.  A combination of Beck staff and Industry Experts lead this successful workshop.