Our Approach

With today’s rapidly changing technology and business environment, achieving a satisfactory return-on-investment in the forest products industry is easier said than done. The Beck Group can help you get the most from your operations and investment dollars.


Working with you, as a team, we can identify your needs and find solutions

Our staff of experienced forest products professionals understands the challenges of running a forest products business, speaks your language, and has the experience needed to bring practical, cost-effective solutions to your problems.

A wealth of technical, operational, analytical and marketing expertise is at your disposal.

We have the resources required to bring together a strong project team with the right combination of skills and experience needed to ensure success. Our staff has worked with over 200 forest products organizations at over 350 locations. We have an extensive network of contacts throughout the industry. The Beck Group has worked throughout the U.S. and in Canada, South America, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia, India, and Malaysia. This experience provides us with a broad perspective of the industry, technology, operating practices and markets.

Providing you with the benefits of an outside perspective

Because we work with many different operations and clients, we bring a fresh viewpoint to our clients. We know the technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and operating practices required to gain and maintain a competitive edge. We can provide the perspective needed to ensure thorough analyses. Plus, our methods and judgments have gained the respect of financial institutions, as well as top corporate management.

The Beck Group is a people-oriented company

We recognize that it is ultimately people that make an organization successful. Our staff has the aptitude and experience to work with companies at all levels — from the operators to the board room. In addition, we have developed good working relationships with manufacturers, equipment suppliers, trade groups, governmental agencies, exporters/importers, brokers, and many others. While our staff has significant forest products experience and expertise, we also recognize the importance of listening and soliciting input from a variety of sources.