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Because of the many different elements that need to come together in the right way, developing a successful biomass project is no easy task. As a developer you may be dealing with permitting issues, financing alternatives, fuel supply considerations, and power purchase agreement negotiations - all at the same time!  Failure to adequately prepare for and handle any of those project development functions can quickly stall or even end a project.
As a lending institution you want to be assured that the fuel to supply the biomass plant exists at the costs that are projected, or that the technology selected for the project has been proven in commercial applications.
As a government official you want to promote economic development by assisting in the development of new projects. But, it makes little sense to waste time and resources on projects that have little chance of succeeding.
Beck Carlson Biomass Consultants can help people with any of the three preceding issues. The principals in our group have more than 70 years of combined experience in capital project planning, feasibility assessments, fiber supply studies, project management, contract negotiations, technology selection, equipment specification and purchasing, and power plant operation. Bringingthat experience to bear on your project, we will be able to quickly identify how we can best assist you and keep your project moving forward.


About Us


Concerns about increasing fossil fuel prices, energy security, and climate change have made development of renewable and sustainable energy a priority in the United States. Among the variety of renewable energy technologies, biomass power is ideal because its carbon neutral, provides firm power, and is based on proven technology.

Forest products manufacturing facilities are ideal locations for biomass power plants. Such sites generally have an available supply of fuel, a steady year-round demand for process heat, and they typically have robust power transmission and interconnection systems already in place.

The Beck Group (BECK) has been providing forest products planning and consulting services for over 30 years. Similarly, Bill Carlson of Carlson Small Power Consultants (CSPC) has nearly 40 years of experience in operating, managing, and developing biomass power plants and projects. By combining our uniquely complimentary blend of knowledge and experience, Beck Carlson Energy Consultants are well qualified to provide the full range of consulting and engineering services required to support the feasibility assessment and development of biomass power projects.

The services provided by Beck Carlson consultants cover the full range of biomass project development needs, including:

Biomass Power Feasibility Studies
Fiber Supply Studies (identification of available fuel volume and delivered cost)
Technology Selection
Plant configuration
Plant sizing (boiler and turbine generator)
Interconnection/Transmission assessment
Identification of available local, state, and federal incentives
Assessment of renewable power markets
Capital cost assessment
Financial model
Biomass Power Project Development
Interconnection/Transmission Study
Review Open Access Transmission Tariff

Attendance at scoping, SIS (System Impact Study), and costing meetings
BAASA preparation (Balancing Authority Area Service Agreement)
Interconnection agreement review
Fuel Supply Contracts
Renewable Power Sales
Prepare project profile
Review project profile with wholesalers and transmission providers
Meet with interested utilities
Respond to renewable power RFP's/RFQ's
Negotiate purchase term sheet
Negotiate power purchase agreement
Conduct and review the required tests and filings
Application for Incentives
Prepare filings for incentives/grants
Prepare technical reports to support applications
Prepare Required Filings
FERC filing
EIA filing
WREGIS (or equivalent filing)
CEC pre-certification/certification application
Other needed state filings
Engineer/Vendor/Consultant Selection
Permitting engineer
Legal Assistance
Design Engineer
Turnkey vendor
Prepare list of bidders for key equipment
Assist in location of appropriate used equipment
Progress Reports
Prepare progress reports for entity providing project debt financing
Plant Staffing Assistance
Assist project owner in locating/hiring qualified management personnel

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