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Sawmill TQ

Top Quartile Benchmarking Service

For over 20 years, THE BECK GROUP has conducted benchmarking studies to provide forest products company managers and owners with an ethical and accurate way of comparing their competitive position with other leading producers.

The studies enable management to identify competitive strengths and weaknesses, validate strategic, operational and tactical initiatives, and identify opportunities for improvement. Since the information in the studies is based on actual financial and operational performance data and is verified by The Beck Group's staff, it is the most thorough and accurate available. All key aspects of the business are examined in detail including costs, revenues, product mix, yields, and productivity.

In August of 2018, Beck and Forest2Market joined forces to bring The Beck Group's Sawmill TQ benchmarking service to Forest2Market's SilvaStat360. The new service is initially focused on gathering and delivering Southern Yellow Pine sawmill benchmark data, but will soon expand to other global regions and other forest industry sectors. The partnership combines Beck’s forest products industry benchmarking experience and knowledge with Forest2Market’s SilvaStat360 cloud-based interactive business intelligence platform.

Sawmill TQ subscribers will have fingertip access to historic and current sawmill benchmark data that represents a large portion of the industry, is updated quarterly and available on a 24/7/365 basis, and allows mill managers focus on the key factors leading to their mill achieving Top Quartile financial performance.

Sawmill benchmarking allows mill managers to objectively identify competitive strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in key areas:

  • Productivity

  • Sales realization

  • Log to lumber recovery

  • Manufacturing costs

Learn More

Visit our partners Forest2Market for more information or to request a personal meeting or online Sawmill TQ demo.

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