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A region with a healthy forest products industry includes not only primary manufacturers who convert logs into products, but also secondary manufacturers that utilize primary conversion process by-products (i.e., mill residual chips, sawdust, planer shavings, bark, etc.)  These secondary manufacturers include facilities such as pulp and paper mills, pellet plants, and MDF and Particleboard producers.

From our long history of completing benchmarking studies, The Beck Group has developed a database of primary conversion facilities that contains their annual manufacturing capacities and their associated production of mill residuals. In addition, The Beck Group maintains a database of secondary manufacturers and each of their respective consumption of mill residuals.

Using this large amount of collected data, we have been able to assist a variety of clients with analyzing their supply, demand, and pricing of mill residuals. This information has included:

  • Summaries of supply and demand by county, state, or region

  • Estimates of mill residual supply by species

  • Estimates of mill residual demand by mill residual type

  • Development of maps that show sources of supply and demand, as well as regions where supply/demand is high/low

Mill Residuals.jpg
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