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International Mass Timber Report

The Beck Group has collaboratively authored and revised the fourth annual Mass Timber Report. Professionals with decades of experience in forestry, timber, wood products manufacturing, architecture, real estate development, and business analytics collaborated to examine and report on the current state of the mass timber industry and its prospects for the future.


The team originally wrote the North American Mass Timber - State of the Industry Report in 2019 because while there are many mass timber articles, research notes, blogs, social media posts, etc., before this report no one had assembled a high-quality, comprehensive reference document about this explosively growing building construction technology. We’ve compiled the best available information and used our combined expertise to develop new analysis and information about forests, lumber supply, mass timber manufacturing capacity, the market for mass timber building construction, and lessons learned by mass timber builders, building occupants, and building developers.

In 2021 the report began to offer an international focus on the entire mass timber supply chain — from seedling to building. This is your must-have tool for proceeding with and selling mass timber projects with greater confidence.


Get access to a free digital version at

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