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Office Manager

John joined The Beck Group in 2023 as Office Manager. He brings the firm experience in office management, information technology, bookkeeping, file organization, and editing. A published contributing author with over a dozen print credits, he also has a long list of publication credits in developmental, substantive, line, and copy editing. In addition to keeping the office humming, he applies those editing skills to fine-tune the company’s written work

He has a Bachelor’s in History from the University of Washington, is multilingual, and comes from a forest products background. His father, a MS in Forestry, managed an all-ponderosa pine mill’s planing and shipping departments and later its powerhouse. As a local college student, John earned his college money through summer work in the mill. His forest products experience gave him a very personal understanding of the industry, which helps every time he edits a Beck Group application or report. 


BA, HISTORY, University of Washington (1986)

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