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Sawmill Top Quartile Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Benchmarking

Sawmill Top Quartile (TQ) combines the Beck Group’s sawmill benchmarking experience and knowledge with the SilvaStat360 business intelligence platform. Sawmill TQ delivers historic and current sawmill benchmark data that represents a large portion of the southern sawmilling industry.

Sawmill benchmarking allows mill managers to objectively identify competitive strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvements in key areas.

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or click on the PDF icon to download a Sawmill TQ program brochure.

​​​​​Sawmill TQ—The Beck Group, in partnership with ResourceWise, is entering its fifth year of continuously providing Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) sawmill benchmarking data via an online information portal. Participating firms are able to access quarterly updated data about how their SYP sawmills are performing relative to their peers across a variety of key metrics such as cost, staffing, recovery, sales realization, and more. A common gauge of performance is achieving financial results that are in the Top Quartile of the industry (hence the Sawmill TQ name, where TQ represents Top Quartile).
Beck maintains constant awareness of current and past timber industry metrics. Using the information, participants can target improvement efforts on the underperforming parts of their operations—thus focusing management’s eyes where they are most needed.​

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