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One of the most critical aspects of manufacturing forest products is acquiring the right log for the facility. Determining what constitutes the right log is no easy task and varies from one facility to another depending on machine centers, product mix, and market conditions. BECK has developed a powerful and easy to use computer-based timber procurement and planning model which allows procurement personnel to make better decisions regarding what timber to buy and how much to pay for it.


BECK timber procurement systems are customized to each facility. We provide hands-on assistance in developing the data, generally through a series of batch log tests that are needed to support the model. Once the systems are developed and validated, procurement personnel are fully trained and telephone support is provided.

System users have found this management tool to be very useful in fine tuning timber procurement practices. The end result will be better bids made on timber sales based on cruise information, mill capabilities and market conditions.

Click here to view Beck's Timber Procurement Systems flyer

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