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  • Hannah Hammond

Happy Anniversary Beck Group!

The Beck Group recently gathered with family, colleagues, and former employees to celebrate 40 years of being in business, proudly serving the timber and forest products industry! It was a special night to honor our founder and Chairman, Tom Beck, for his dedication to serving our variety of clients in the private, public, tribal, and non-profit sectors.

Tom Beck, Founder & Chairman

It’s been a Forty-year journey from inception thru economic ups and downs, spotted owl troubles, wildfires, technology advances and pandemic lumber prices. The ride is not over, and we recognize with tremendous gratitude, the hard work and excellent leadership Tom has committed to over the decades to build a resilient company with a reputation of integrity and excellence.

The team is proud to serve and continue to carry the vision to tailor its approach to meet the individual needs of each client, ensuring that the most practical and cost effective solutions will be offered.


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